Review of D14 & NRMR Post Season Online Debrief Survey

As you would be aware District 14 and NWMR utilised an online survey tool as a means to capture feedback from all its personnel for the 2012/2013 post season debrief.

The survey was made available to every member within District 14 and has provided us with a cross-section of data on our performance.

The Online Survey tool was used for the first time as a broader means of gathering information and to avail all members the opportunity to provide their interpretation on operational activities.

On behalf of District 14 Operations Manager Rohan Luke and NWMR Operations Manager/Regional Commander John Deering I wish to thank those members who took the time to complete the survey.

This information will provide us invaluable information to confirm our performance during the past fire season and outline work to be done in preparation for the 2013/2014 fire season.

Please find attached a copy of the Review undertaken of the District 14 and NWMR Post Season Online Debrief Survey.

A hardcopy of the review is being mailed to all Brigade Secretary's this week with the District 14 Operations Manager encouraging all brigades/groups to discuss the points identified in the survey and consider if any actions can be implemented at a local level to assist in the implementation of continuous improvement

The process from here:

  • Identified actions will be developed for all three levels; Fireground, Incident/District and Region.
  • A list of actions will be provided to all those listed as accountable with a governance process put in place to monitor progress.
  • The Fireground and Incident/District results will be tabled at the Operations Workgroup in August and will be reviewed in detail by the Operations Team when establishing the FDP workplans for the District.
  • The Region results will be tabled at the post season Regional Control Team meeting and an actions resolutions plan developed to monitor progress and status updates.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with me if you have any questions.


Deb Sullivan
Regional Operations Coordinator
Northern & Western Metropolitan Region


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