Chief Officer's Intent for the Summer Season

I recently delivered an intent for the summer season to CFA Operations Managers and Operations Officers. This will soon be circulated more widely. However, I want to reinforce a number of points in the Execution part of that Intent Statement: Due consideration shall be given to the following factors:

  • The primacy of life. This includes the lives of emergency responders.
  • Lead your team in a way that ensures everyone comes home safe.
  • Take care of yourself and your team.
  • We work as one (with our emergency management partners).
  • Give priority to issuing warnings to people about risks.
  • Hit new fires hard and fast.
  • Greater use of aircraft.
  • Invest in prior planning and preparation.
  • We work with citizens to protect what is important to them.
  • Exercise foresight.
  • Understand your leader's intent (2 levels up) and ensure your intent is understood (2 levels down).
  • We do our best, but we recognise that everyone can always do better.

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