Community Safety

CFA have updated two publications that will help you to pass on fire safety information to your community.

The Members Quick Reference Guide recognises that all CFA members are highly respected in their community. This guide helps you create conversations with local residents, answer their questions and promote fire safety.

This year's guide includes grassfire key messages specifically for people living on the urban fringe, updated house fire statistics and updated images and descriptions of top resources. As well as being on Brigades Online, you can ask your district office for a printed copy.

The new Fire Ready Kit includes a section on 'What to do to stay informed', including where to find warnings and updates. There's a strong emphasis on the practicalities of planning, beginning with the basics of preparing before the fire season, through to planning what to do if fire is in the area and people can't leave.

Above all, this kit provides a step-by-step guide to leaving early with a blunt message about shared responsibility from Chief Officer Euan Ferguson. As Euan writes in the kit's foreword, "CFA – as always – will do everything we can to protect lives and property. But there is only so much we can do. There will never be enough firefighters, fire trucks and firefighting aircraft to have these resources at everyone's back door during a large bushfire. The responsibility for surviving the fire season is shared between emergency services and the community."

Highly detailed, the kit is not for every community member. But for those people engaged in bushfire planning who want up-to-date information, it's CFA's go-to document.

The Fire Ready Kit will be available in limited numbers from your district's community education coordinator from 22 November.

A shorter handout covering the basics of ratings, warnings, planning, preparation and leaving early is currently in the works. This handout is designed for use at a wide range of events and targets a broad audience. Progress on this handout will be posted on

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