News Roundup - 28 Apr 2013


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New Procedures at the State Training College - Fiskville

Good afternoon everyone,

This is just a quick email to highlight some focus to onsite procedures that will take effect as of Monday 15th April 2013. The procedures relate to the identification and signing in of ALL visitors to the Collage. Upon arrival, it
will be expected that ALL people (visitors, contractors, students and operational personnel) will report to reception to check in. This is applicable to all CFA members, Operational (Volunteer and Career staff) and PTA staff. This is not a new procedure, just one that will now be monitored more closely than it has been in recent times.

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VFBV Volunteer Survey Now Open

To take part in the survey, click HERE

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) invites all CFA volunteers to take part in a volunteer-run survey that will better equip your association to advise the CFA Board and State Government on what’s most important to volunteers.

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2013 Memorial Service for Firefighters


We are invited to the Memorial Service for Firefighters.  This year it is being held in Upper Beaconsfield in recognition of the 30th Anniversary of Ash Wednesday.

News roundup - Sun 18 Mar


Training newsletter - March 2013

Country Fire Authority Sports & Recreation Association

  • Memo from the CO - CFA Capstone
  • Class A Foam Arrangements
  • 2013 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games
  • CFA and MFB "Two Services - One Cause" Royal Children’s Hospital Relay

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Operations Bulletin 001/2012 - Management of Heat Stress

Please take time to review the contents of the attached Operations Bulletin.  We have noticed a trend in heat related illnesses being reported during the recent period of high temperatures/high humidities.

Please pay particular attention to the following advice:

  • encourage personnel to maintain appropriate fluid and food intake prior to incident response.
  • ensure task rotation to reduce heat stress and allow rehabilitation of individuals.
  • utilise recommended cooling techniques to assist with rehabilitation of individuals.
  • consider the use of Ambulance Victoria resources to undertake health monitoring of firefighters during incident response.
  • correct PPC for the task should be worn during incident response activities; consider the use of bushfire PPC during defensive/external attack operations.
  • where personnel are not involved in direct fire attack operations and in a safe area structural coats can be removed to allow cooling.

Please ensure personnel under your command are made aware of this Operations Bulletin.


David Harris

District 14 RDO

Returning appliances to stations

Tanker1-250x188A reminder to all drivers & crew leaders to ensure that all appliances are returned into station in fully ready state.

We are getting repeated instances where this is not happening, for example:

  • Tanker 3 and car isolation switches not turned off
  • Tankers not full of water
  • Ignitions & lights left on
  • Radios not on correct channels (mobile: 61 / portables: 64)
  • Broken hoses rolled up and put back on the tanker, rather than being replaced with working hose and the broken one marked for attention

This includes checking the appliances even when backing them in after radio scheds on Sundays.  Checklists are available at both stations to be used to ensure appliances are ready.

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