Spectrum Bridge Callouts

What is Spectrum Bridge?

Spectrum Bridge is a conference call facility that is used to respond CFA brigades if the paging system is not operating.  It is also referred to as SPC. 

The paging system may be down for planned maintenance (as on 10 September), because of a system malfunction, or because it is overloaded.

How Spectrum Bridge works is nominated people in the brigade are rung directly on their phones.  We have 5 which include: Michael, Andrew, Warren, Pat, Matthew.  If called, they will then respond as appropriate.

What’s new

To ensure a better response, we have implemented an SMS system for the brigade.  We are now able to send an SMS to all operational members.  The text message will be from “ACSRFB” and will read:

ALERT ARTH Spectrum Bridge callout. All available members to attend closest station asap for further instructions. There is no page alert.

How does this impact you

You may be called out via this method.  If so, please get to the closest station asap.  It will likely be more chaotic than usual as getting location details, etc, will be more difficult.

Make sure you have your phone with you when the paging system is scheduled to be offline, or on bad days.

If you turn out, do it via a radio call to Vicfire as normal.


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