Listening Sets

Listening sets, or scanners, are a valuable tool for keeping informed on what is happening in the local area.

CFA brigades use radios to communicate with each other, and to provide information back to CFA via "Vicfire". Listening to these communications offers a fast and efficient method of learning what is happening locally.

ACSRFB recently organised a bulk purchase of Motorola Radio CP50 scanners for local community members.  The information provided here is to support the use of these scanners.

DigitalVsAnalogAnalogue versus Digital

CFA's radio communications are currently analogue.  Therefore an analogue radio scanner is required to listen to CFA radio communications.

However, CFA is in the process of converting its radio communications to digital.  While no date has been announced, work is underway.  Updated mobile and portable radios have been issued to all appliances.  These new radios are digital-ready and can be easily converted to digital in the future, even though they currently run in an analogue mode.  Digital trials are commencing in some areas.

Once CFA has crossed to digital, analogue listening sets will become obsolete.  Digital listening sets will need to purchased in the future to continue listening to CFA communications.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing an analogue listening set.

What government support, if any, will be provided to swap existing analogue scanners to digital scanners has not been announced.

Further information on listening sets: