Motorola CP50 Basic Instructions

Basic Operations

TO SWITCH ON (and Volume)

Turn right hand knob clockwise

(It will start on last channel used but not in Scan mode)

TO START SCANNING (if not Scanning)

Push SCAN button

TO STOP SCANNING (if Scanning)

Push SCAN button
TO DELETE NUISANCE CHANNEL (eg, one channel transmitting a lot of noise)

Hold SCAN button down for 3 seconds

(Turn set Off and On again to revert to full Scan)


Press ENT (bottom RH button)

If scanning, stop scanning (push SCAN button)

Turn left hand knob to new channel


If it starts with a long display of digits (the frequency), eg, 161.0625, push MODE (button below SCAN) to return to channel display


Charger into power point

Transformer jack into lower pin hole under flap on right hand side (lift flap with finger nail)

Leave on charge all the time - no need to discharge/recharge

Re-Programming Channels

  1. If scanning, stop scanning (push SCAN button)
  2. Turn left hand knob to desired channel
  3. Push ENT (bottom RH button) for four seconds to display stored frequency
  4. If another frequency is required, either:
    • Key-enter the frequency, or
    • Turn the left hand knob until the desired frequency is reached
  5. Push ENT (bottom right) for four seconds until shows PCh "x"
  6. Turn left-hand knob to PCh [desired channel]
  7. Press ENT
  8. Now shows desired frequency
  9. Push MODE (below SCAN button) to change to Channel Display
  10. Will now show as desired channel